The ideal transition towards electrification: easy, affordable and fitting to your operations

Quick return on investment and lower operational costs

With the support of LOOC, your company will be able to make a smooth shift to electrification with high returns. Even companies which already started their electrification process can improve their returns significantly. 

LOOC takes care of it for you. LOOC advises, guides and provides optimal energy management tailored to your business. The LOOC Energy Management System optimizes the flows of electricity and generates new extra incomes which will contribute to a short payback time of your investments in the electrification process of your company. The immediate decrease of the operational costs makes the zero-emission transition affordable. It also strengthens your competitive edge. A sustainable future for your company and the climate!

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Looc Energy Management System

Custom-fit and support

The operations of your business are always leading. Our domain experts, from your industry, will advise and design the most optimal and cost-efficient electricity infrastructure for your business. This will prevent unnecessary investments. 

Energy storage and control center, rental

The LOOC container with a storage and control system at your location is the base for optimal electricity management. 

Energy Management Services

  • Optimal load management: an efficient as possible electricity household; 
  • Generation extra income: trading of electricity at the best rates on the electricity market;
  • When still necessary: green electricity at the lowest prices.

No cure no pay: LOOC operates a transparent income model. When our energy management services are not generating income for your location, LOOC will also have no income.


Smart zero-emission energy solution for mobility, mobile (heavy) equipment, and heating market

The LOOC Energy Management System is specially designed for companies. It is especially interesting for companies where the transition from fossil fuels to zero-emission electrification can play an essential role. 

Companies which already started the road to zero-emission by installing e.g. solar panels, can improve their value for money significantly



Dealers/service companies of cars, trucks, suppliers of other mobility services, and fleet owners where the transition to electricity will become the standard.

Respond to the increasing demand for electric transport, create flexibility in the vehicle fleet and ensure the future readiness of accompanying electricity infrastructure.

Why: Make the transition to new business models possible, save costs, create flexibility in affordable mobility and become a zero-emission company. 

Heat market

All industries requiring heat for their production processes like food processing, pharma, chemical, oil, and gas where electrification can play an important role.

Energy conversion with an optimized electricity infrastructure against the lowest possible costs and shortest return on investment.

Why: To keep the ‘license to operate’ and remain competitive in the new green world. 

Mobile heavy equipment

Companies with heavy mobile equipment/ such as road and building construction and agriculture, which have to make the transition to a zero-emission operation and preferably have large rooftops and terrain.

An affordable and smooth transition to zero-emission electrification with the available (mobile) equipment with a short payback time and lower operational costs. The daily operation remains leading.“Zero Emission” building management and electricity infrastructure.

Why: To optimize, contribute to an environmental society and to operate cost-efficient


Advantages transition to electrification with LOOC

LOOC supports your company with a sustainable future. We ensure a smooth, most cost-efficient transition to zero-emission electricity with a very high return. It results in a short payback time of your investments, a significant decrease of the current operating costs, and a stronger competitive edge. LOOC advises you, will invest in and will take full operational responsibility for managing your energy bill based upon no cure no pay!

The advantages of transition to electrification with LOOC:

  • Experts with specific domain knowledge
  • An infrastructure advice and execution plan that is matching your daily business operation
  • Support during the whole transition process
  • The most optimal electricity infrastructure for your company or partners
  • Energy management services based upon no cure no pay
  • Transparent income sharing model
  • Long term partnership
  • Own reliable zero-emission electricity
  • Electrification with high return on investment
  • Short payback time
  • Make independent
  • Even interested for companies who already started investing in sustainable solutions

Only 4 steps to a zero emission company

Appointment for a quick scan

Discuss the potential and make a high-level estimation of the expected return generated with the LOOC Energy Management System. 

Transparent and no obligations

Receive an action plan

The most optimal transition plan towards electricity securing the daily business of your operations.

Tailor made and make independent

Transition to zero emission electrification

We accompany during the whole process and ensure the transition to zero-emission electricity will run as smoothly as possible. 

A smart approach and eye for detail 

Zero-emission electricity and lower operation costs

Your company complies with zero-emission regulations! We keep optimizing the best return out of your electrification.

Zero-emission and future-proof! 

Start your savings for a better world today!!

Are you ready to take the next step to cost-saving zero-emission electricity and strive with LOOC to a more sustainable planet for the next generations? 

We take care of it for you!


Our mission: Helping companies with a custom-fit, cost-efficient and easy electrification to accelerate the energy transition and leave the world in a better state for the coming generations

We work with an ideology. We want to speed up the energy transition to sustainable electricity. Putting a halt to pollution by fossil fuels and leave the planet in a better state for the coming generations.

LOOC’s policy is transparency. By combining our specific knowledge of energy, IT and mobility we will create the best business model for our customers and partners. These synergies will lower investments and operating costs which makes the transition to sustainable electricity affordable and easier.